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Hello and thanks for having a look at our website. We hope this page will give you some information and answers about Hasbury Christian Fellowship. Please feel free to browse around – there’s lots to see.

The church is made up of people of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds. Whoever you are, you will receive a very warm welcome at HCF.

If I visited Hasbury CF, what should I expect?

For some people going anywhere for the first time can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience. We’re not super-spiritual people with all the answers.

We’ve all had a ‘first day’ at church and been confused about things, so if you don’t understand something please simply ask; you’ll find we are a friendly bunch. To help avoid any worries here’s a quick summary of what you can expect at HCF.

On Sunday morning we start our service at 10.30am with some worship songs or hymns which are projected onto the screens. There will be a variety of child-friendly activities (usually a talk or an activity).

Our music consists of a mixture of modern songs and hymns accompanied by guitars and wind instruments. At around 11am the children go out to Sunday Club and your children can join them if they want to. We then have a talk based on the teaching in the Bible.

The service finishes by 11.45 and we have tea and coffee afterwards. There is no charge and we don’t take collection in the morning.

Our aim is that whether you are just looking into Christianity for the first time or have been a Christian for many years that you should be encouraged and inspired by the morning.

When should I arrive at things?

There’s no set pattern really. If you’re thinking of coming one Sunday, you might like to arrive about 15 mins before the starting time, find a seat, settle down, or you could arrive at the start time. It’s no problem if you turn up after the start time either. You’ll be welcomed at the door and shown where things are.

All the start times are here.

Should I dress up?

Only if you want to. There’ll be people here in jeans, suits, dresses, tracksuits, shirt & tie, tee shirts, etc. So wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

What else is on?

There are lots of other events. You can come along and see what goes on, join in as you want to and just enjoy yourself. You will always be very welcome.

Have a look at weekly activities and Other Regular Activities and also what’s on for toddlers; children; youth; adults.

And find out about What’s coming up


Our buildings are modern and airy. The entrances are approached by a ramp and have easy wheelchair access. There is a fully specified disabled toilet and all main rooms are on one level. We have baby changing facilities, a good quality hearing aid induction loop, BSL signing (by arrangement). There is parking on site for 15 vehicles or up to 20 vehicles if double parking and there is street parking in the immediate area with due consideration for local residents.

Christianity? – What’s it all about?

A good question. To find out more and answer some of your questions click on this link to the ‘Christianity’ website; or for a short answer have a look at the HEY! illustration; or for the very short answer – God loves you more than any of us can possibly imagine and cares about your life!
If you would like to know more, just pop in! Or check out what we believe. Or if you prefer, use the enquiry form below. We’d love to hear from you.

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