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What and Who is Church Council?

The Church Council is the group of people which leads all aspects of the church and is made up of individuals who have grown into leadership in various specific aspects of the church.  This leadership is as a result of God’s leading and from time to time the CC may recognise this in individuals and may invite new leaders to join the CC.  The CC recognises the leadership roles and invaluable contributions of others in the church who are not part of the Church Council.  Currently the CC is made up of the following people with the following responsibilities, although many roles overlap and cross over between individuals: –

Church Council Members and their responsibilities – (not necessarily all that they do!)

Doff Alexander:  – Campaigners, Catering, Cleaning team.

Jeremy Howell: – Treasurer-financial management, Maintenance, Facility development, Technical.

Joy Howell: – Safeguarding Officer, Children’s Leader & Activities Co-ordinator, Thursday Special, Toddler group, School visits, Music & worship leader.

Nick Lawrence: –  Room hire, administrative, pastoral.

Heather Lawrence: – Administrative, publicity, pastoral.

David Morris: – Preaching, Wordship leader

John Neale: – Youth work, Audio-Visual team.

Linda Weller: – Assistant Registrar, Youth work, Cleaning team.


In addition the church operates under two trust deeds (1938 & 2011) and is overseen by a board of trustees.

These trustees are: – Kevin Hartle (chair), David Morris, Leslie Morris, Jeremy Howell.


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